Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters LLC.                 

About Us

Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters LLC or "WPPH" for short was founded in January 2008 after a couple of my friends and I started sharing personal experiences with the paranormal. Since then, we have built a reputation across the Southwestern Pennsylvania area as one of the leading paranormal investigation & research groups located in the Greater Pittsburgh region. When we first started there were two founding members. Since then, we have grown rapidly with new members and now have over ten committed investigators. 

Since the beginning of our group, we have performed hundreds of paranormal investigations and have even branched out in the communities for other activities. We perform public speaking for libraries, community centers, museums, and colleges. We also participate in parades and other public functions across the Pittsburgh area.

In 2012 we changed some aspects of our group to provide a brighter future. We took our hobby and created it into a business. We still provide the same service to our clients that have paranormal needs at no cost, but now offer much more to the public. You can find all our great services we offer on our services page.

T.J. Porfeli