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Location- Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall, Carnegie PA

Date- 1/7/2011

Investigators- TJ, Ken, Don, Gary, Brent, & Sherry 

‚ÄčEquipment- Voice recorder,EMF detectors, Handheild camera, DVR, digital camera, geophone, & EM Pumps

Client's claims- apparitions, objects moving, voices, and noises 

Case notes- We had a amazing investigation at this great historic site. It was fun working with other teams in the Pittsburgh area on this case. The library staff was wonderful to work with as well. We had some experiences that made the night unreal. TJ heard footsteps coming towards him in the balcony of the music hall, at the same time Ken saw a black mass on the wall of the balcony heading towards TJ. When TJ turned around the mass disappeared. We were unable to capture this experience on video as the cameras were not facing this direction. We where able to capture some great audio evidence throughout the entire building. We believe that the building is HAUNTED. We will conduct another investigation to try and gather more evidence. 

Case File