Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters LLC.                 


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Location- Carrie Furnaces, Rankin PA

Date- 11/8/2014

Investigators- Adele, Ken, Connie, TJ, Nate, Rob, & Matt

‚ÄčEquipment- Voice recorders, EMF detectors, REM Meter,  full spectrum camera, thermal imaging camera, & point & shoot cameras

Client's claims- full body apparitions, voices, & noises 

Case notes- We conducted a follow up investigation at this amazing location. We had a few strange experiences and captured some audio evidence. We had a lot of issues due to the weather, that did affect our investigation.  We do believe that the site is HAUNTED. Please note we had full permission to investigate this location. Trespassing is prohibited. They are open for tours on the weekends. 

Case File