Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters LLC.                 

Mike Barton - Investigator   

Lynn Smith - Investigator 

Lynn has been an active member with WPPH for almost 2 years. She, like most of our members had encountered strange activity in the past, that could be classified as paranormal. She enjoys visiting the locations we investigate and reviewing audio evidence from investigations. 

Connie has always had an interest in the paranormal. In the recent years she has had a few personal experiences, which has left her with an open mind to the field. She wants to find for evidence of the other side, and looks forward to perusing what is out there. Connie is happily married with two kids, and works full time as well. 

Matt Hall - Investigator  

Brett brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the WPPH team. He is a freelance videographer/photographer and uses these skills for paranormal investigating, such as debunking video and photo evidence. He has had an interest in the paranormal since he was young. Brett was a cadet on the second season of SyFy Channel Ghost Hunters Academy. He brings the skills he learned from Steve and Dave to WPPH.

Matt's interest in the paranormal began with a personal experience while on a family vacation to Gettysburg. He joined WPPH in 2012, since then his interest and passion for the paranormal has grown tremendously. He has become a great asset to the team, taking on part of the roll as tech manager on investigations. This includes setup and tear-down of all stationary devices. 

Connie Churchel - Investigator  

Rob's extreme interest in the paranormal and knowledge of investigation techniques, research abilities, and technical equipment understanding makes him a bit of a jack-of-all trades. His attention to detail both on investigations and on evidence review makes him a valuable asset to the WPPH Team. 

Katie brings strong investigating skills to the team. She performs every investigation with an open mind and questions everything. She is also hypo sensitive to high EMF fields. Katie lends a hand with research and case management for the team. 

Rob Pizzica - Investigator 

Katie Porfeli - Investigator  

Ken has had an interest in the paranormal for many years. Fascination began with an experience on a trip to Gettysburg. Ken's background in mechanics, along with an interest in photography and audio recording equipment helps with debunking and/or proving the existence of paranormal activity.  ken has witnessed objects moving and recorded unexplained voices over the years investigating. 

Kevin is a systems analyst for a Pittsburgh based law firm.  His extensive technical background helps with setup and use of the equipment on investigations. These skills also provide a solid base for analyzing the data collected on an investigation. Kevin has been interested in the paranormal since childhood. The personal experiences he encountered has driven him to investigate and research in the field.

Ken Smith - Lead Investigator 

Kevin Hall - Lead Investigator & Tech Specialist 

Adele works as a speech pathologist, which proves to be a valuable asset to the team. Her training helps decipher harder to hear EVPs, as well as others that may not be paranormal. Adele is excellent with interviewing our clients. She also goes above and beyond with researching the history of the locations, which helps putting the facts with the stories. 

TJ is one of the cofounders of WPPH. He has been on hundreds of paranormal investigations including assisting other paranormal teams. He enters every investigation as a skeptic and with an open mind. He main goal is to disprove a haunting at a location. He is also the tech manger for the team. He constantly researches and tests equipment for the paranormal field. 

Adele Barton - Lead Investigator & Researcher 

Our Team

TJ Porfeli - Founder & Lead Investigator

Michael has bee investigating the paranormal for the past several years, and started after an intense personal experience. This had lead to a great interest in EVP recordings, and is his favorite form of investigating. During the day he works in finance for a Pittsburgh based university. 

Michael Pellas - Investigator

Melissa is a school teacher, and is one of the original four members of WPPH. She is a great investigator and is not afraid to take on tasks during an investigation. She is a great researcher and investigator. 

Melissa Holcomb  - Lead Investigator

Lynne Cochran - Investigator 

Lynne is a new member however, she has participated on ghost hunts with WPPH for a few years now. She is a great asset to the team. She enjoys finding locations for us to investigate and enjoys the history that goes along with the places we investigate. 

Janet is a teacher that works with MR/MH disabled adults. She started ghost hunting several years ago after attending a paranormal class at a local university. Since then, she has been hooked. She attends many paranormal conferences and has performed several investigations. 

Janet Kellner- Investigator   

Susan lives in Armstrong County and works as a Program Specialist. After attending a workshop and conference on the paranormal, her interest was piqued, and she started investigating and conducting research. Learning about the paranormal has shed light on her own experiences. Susan is interested in EVPs and how they are captured. She enters every investigation with an open mind, and attempts to debunk the activity first.

Mike has vast skills in the automotive mechanics profession, which makes him a great asset to the team. He uses these skills to debunk activity. In addition to debunking, his skills are great for troubleshooting equipment that may be malfunctioning during an investigation. 

Susan Barto - Investigator   

Brett McGinnis - Investigator