WPPH often attends and participate in paranormal conferences. We provide an outstanding display with audio and visual evidence. We are happy to give a lectures on paranormal experiences/encounters we have experienced over the years. If you would like to have us at your next paranormal expo, please contact us. 

Paranormal Conferences 

Looking to offer a new and unique call to your community center or college? Well look no further. Our team would be happy to setup a course to train the public on the ins and outs of being a paranormal investigator. We also extend this out to small paranormal groups that are just starting out in the field. It took us many years to learn what we know, and we are happy to share the knowledge to anyone looking to get into our field. The course is designed to be a once a week class over a 8 week period. So, weather your members are thrill seekers or have an interest in the other side, this course will be sure to give the class a fun and informative time. Please contact us for more details. 

Ghost Hunting Classes

Over the past few years, WPPH has been speaking at many different venues in the Greater Pittsburgh area. Ranging from libraries, colleges, to community centers. We love sharing our stories and evidence with the public. We have the audio and visual equipment to accommodate almost any venue. Weather the attendees are skeptics or believes, by the end of the presentation, we guarantee we will have everyone scratching their heads and saying "what was that?". So, if you are looking to hold a spooky good time, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to set something up. 

Public Speaking/Lectures

Do you have things that happen that you cannot explain? Bumps in the night or strange activity in your home or building? Would you like to find out what is going on? Well, than it is time to contact WPPH. Our team would be more than happy to help you find answers to your paranormal problems.

We are based out of the Pittsburgh PA area, and service clients in PA, OH, and WV. We strive to seek the truth behind the experiences and claims using scientific equipment and the knowledge of the paranormal to find answers or possibly debunk the activity. Our investigations are free of charge and we keep our client's information confidential. We have performed many investigations over the years including private residence, business, and historic locations. Our team treats every investigation in a professional manor, as if we were investigating our own homes. Our team does not use psychics or mediums on investigations. We base our findings on hard evidence and personal experiences. Once the investigation is completed, we will review all data collected and present our findings to the clients. From there the client can decide how they would like to move forward with the activity. We offer advice on how to rid the location of the activity. 

So, if you believe your location may be haunted or something strange going on please feel free to contact us. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your experiences and help setup an investigation.

Paranormal Investigations 


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