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Client testimonials 

As the rental manager at a popular Pittsburgh area historic facility with a reputation of being a hot sport for paranormal activity. I was frequently asked to grant access for paranormal investigations. Given the public nature of the building and the possible negative impact on rentals and usage, the administration was opposed to granting permission. After being approached by Western Pennsylvania Paranormal Hunters I felt comfortable challenging this position and finally opening our doors for a paranormal investigation team. It was unequivocally the right decision. Working with WPPH was everything That I hoped it would be... Professional, thorough, exciting, and enjoyable!

​WPPH client 2012 - 2014

My name is Ryan Belski and I am the Mayor of Rices Landing Borough and Member and President of the Fire Department for the last several years.  After many years of unexplained occurrences at the fire department such as voices, objects moving, and other activity I decided to give TJ and his crew of investigators a call to check out these occurrences.  TJ and his group of investigators came in with an extremely professional attitude and approach to the situation and listened to all of our claims of activity in the building.  They performed the investigation for several hours allowing us to be present and proved to us that they really take paranormal investigations seriously.  All of the evidence they collected was shared with us and was extremely helpful in trying to close out this case.

​WPPH client 2014