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Location- W A Young & Sons Foundry & Machine Shop, Rices Landing PA

Date- 8/24/2013

Investigators- TJ, Lynn, Mike, Ken, & Matt

‚ÄčEquipment- Voice recorders, EMF detectors, Shadow Detectors, REM detectors, motion detectors, DVR system, handhield video camera, full spectrum camera, and point and shoot cameras 

Client's claims- Strange noises, and voices

Case notes- This location has been the most unique place we have investigated to date. The building was locked up in 1969 and has been preserved to it's original state since then. It was amazing to see all the machines still run on the belt driven system. We experienced some paranormal activity during our investigation. We captured some voices we did not expect in the building. We will conduct a follow up investigation to decide if the location is haunted.

Case File